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Comments from Participants

Recent Email from Retirement Community

"Brookdale Senior Living has thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with the Shepherd’s Center Zoom classes. Social isolation due to COVID restrictions has taken a severe toll on our residents. But thanks to the tireless efforts of the folks at Shepherd’s Center, our residents have enjoyed laughter, knowledge, and socialization beyond these walls. The Zoom classes provide a unique window into the community that we wouldn’t have otherwise had. We’ve developed wonderful friendships that will last for a very long time. We look forward to many more sessions and in-person visits. Thank you with all our hearts!" Marcia C, Resident Program Coordinator

Recent Emails to Teachers from Participants

"I have to say that my hour with you, thanks to the miracle of Zoom, has become a true highlight of my week up here in this quiet valley. A dose of true enrichment and enjoyment. The class today took me to heights I would NEVER climb!! [This refers to a video of climbing the 400' spire of Salisbury shown in a class on history of English cathedrals.] I hope that I'll be able to be a remote member of Shepherd's Center for a long time to come." Sara B., living in Virginia

"[My husband] and I want to say how glad we are to have our onsite Shepherd's classes back in session. There is just something about being with old friends that that gladdens our hearts. Zoom is fine, but face to face and smile to smile is so much better. We are thrilled." Marilyn F.

Comments by Anonymous Members on Recent Session Surveys

"Thank you for the most fabulous Senior programs I have ever heard of. Thank you for your
patience in teaching us how to work computers."

". . . high quality killer line-up of classes and I have learned a great deal!"
"Love your programs. Courses are terrific."

"... a perfect combination of learning and community."

"Wonderful mix of light and serious."

"Love the Zoom classes inasmuch as I live [so far away] and if I have to miss a class, I can
catch up on the recording."

"Would never want to lose Zoom classes. These classes have become sophisticated and I love
the community aspect. We did it right with the fifteen minutes [for chatting with members] prior
to class. I have been able to get to know more people and know others better."

"... a lifeline to the world during Covid. Zoom classes are a real blessing."
"Great job! Impressive what you've accomplished!

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